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Taking The Family To Georgia For Some Fun

Taking The Family To Georgia For Some Fun

Occasionally, there is a magical time when mom, dad and the kids all have nothing on the schedule. In such times, I highly recommend a trip to Georgia for some fun.

Taking The Family To Georgia For Some Fun

The state of Georgia is known as the Peach State, and it is the place to go for a peach of a trip! Planning a trip that will amuse the entire family, children and all, can be tough – but Georgia has enough activity, beauty and charm to satisfy even the pickiest traveler. Georgia trips are memorable events that you will want to repeat again and again.

While Georgia is known for its abundant peach trees and Southern charm, there is more to do here than just stand in an orchard. Whether you prefer the wilderness of mountains such as the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia, or the big city such as in Atlanta, you will be sure to find activities for all to enjoy. If you are more of a history buff, the Historic South encompasses most of Georgia, with many stops and events to see along the way. If you prefer a taste of the genteel Southern plantation, try spending some time in the Savannah area.

The Historic South is a good place to start your trip. You can take a trek on the Antebellum Trail, which stretches from Macon to Athens, and see how the Old South really was. Antebellum means before the war , and this area has much to show for its Southern roots. You can see many restored houses from the 1800’s here, and even the town that time forgot , Old Clinton, which was settled in 1807. Strolling along the streets of Madison not only gives you a glimpse into the history of Georgia, but also a great place to go shopping!

Not into the history of Georgia? Take a trip to Athens, Georgia, which is known as one of the best music scenes in the country. Many different musical acts, including REM and the B-52 s started their careers here. Artists have come to know Athens as a great place to play concerts and hear new music – and it is more than just rock. Many African-American artists also got their start here. There is even AthFest in June, where 120 bands come to play and show off their music. The events during the day are particularly family friendly.

A trip to Georgia offers something for everyone from Mom and Dad to the teens and the little ones. Enjoying Georgia s beauty and grace is something that everyone should do at least once, so book those trips today!