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The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Highly accessible by air, land or sea, the Amsterdam is basically one of Europe’s top destinations. Affordable flights from within Europe, as well as direct flights from outside of the continent are readily available with the service of Europe’s fourth largest airport – the Amsterdam airport Schiphol.

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol sees itself as far more than an airport. As claimed on its miniguide, which is obtainable from the information desks of the airport, the Amsterdal airport Schiphol is the Netherlands newest city as it caters to an audience wider than the humble trekker.

What sets the Amsterdam airport Schiphol apart from the other European airports is that, it offers a number of great attractions. Included in the list are the casino, the sauna and massage service. There was even a time that one entrepreneur was interested in opening a discreet licensed brother at this Amsterdam airport, bur even the liberal Dutch required time on that.

Driving Directions

The Amsterdam airport Schiphol is actually situated off the A4 motorway, which connects the city of Amsterdam to The Haque, Netherland’s seat of government, and Rotterdam. The exit to the airport is clearly signposted.

Car Parking

There are two short-term car parks in the Schiphol: the P1 and P2. These two are both connected to the terminal and the Schiphol Plaza by covered walkways, and is recommended of stays for up to 48 hours. Aside from the short-term car parks, there is also an available long-term parking in the airport, at an open-air P3. This car park area is situated 4 kilometers from the terminal, and a 24-hour shuttle bus is servicing in this area to provide links between P3 and the terminal. A luxury car park is also available, including a valet service.

The Bad Marks and Plus Points of the Schiphol Airport

There are a number of reasons for choosing the Amsterdam airport Schiphol. One of those is the fact that all the offbeat attractions of the airport are housed under one roof, with none of the terminal hopping that causes minor panic in transfer passengers or sometimes confuses unwary first time users. Aside from that is the fact that every great things stems from the vast Schiphol Plaza, which is the central hall of this Amsterdam airport. It is actually the plaza which provides easy access to car parks and the conveniently located rail station. In addition, it is the plaza which places pressure on your wallet as it provides a number of shops, with 40 shops currently on record.

The Schiphol airport further scores highly for its catering service that is offered both before and after passport security. It is even noted for its great thoughtful touches like a nursery for people traveling with young children. What’s more, the Amsterdam airport Schiphol is just so close to the city of Amsterdam with good transport links. It even has the best viewing terrace designed and built for aircraft enthusiasts at any major European hub airport.

However, just like many other airports in different areas in the world, the Amsterdam airport Schiphol has a reputation for baggage handling problems that greatly affected transfer passengers. And, for many people, its business center which is located airside only serves as bad mark for the airport.