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The Beginning Stage of Local Search and Virtual Map

The Beginning Stage of Local Search and Virtual Map was first created in 2003 by an avid traveler and spatial analyst named Young Kim in South Korea. After years of research and development, co-founder Xochitl Hwang adopted this concept and has been involved in global marketing and sales ever since

Over the years, has established partnerships with Yahoo! Korea, Asiana Airlines, and emerging city tourism bureaus.’s vision is to radically change the internet with a website that features three-dimensional (3D) replicas of world famous cities where user-generated content will combine real-time interaction with Internet services and informational web sites.

Currently, offers a visually superior, user-friendly 3D platform of over 33 major cities around the world. Its advanced 3D mapping technology and design functionality provides optimized realistic platform for User Created Content (UCC) and allows immediate integration of outside website information that will guarantee the flexibility to expand to virtually unlimited online transactions.’s goal is to contain and provide extensive real time information about the city’s unique place of interests, restaurants, hotels, events, etc., while allowing users to make reservations and directly create content of their own through’s blogs (a.k.a PLOGS) feature, which is also connected with the social network features called MapID.’s combine features will build a complete and new portal site. It will set the trend and replace current models of conventional search engines providing more enjoyable and rich experience and create a strong online community with a local focus. It will capitalize on the unparalleled advantage of being the first-mover in creating a visual ‘information ecosystem’ in a manner similar to the different layers of an onion. You can search and find the most current and exact information, as you peel off the layers in