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the long road to vegas

the long road to vegas

Millions of people go to Las Vegas every year, and by many means of travel. The most common way of traveling to Nevada is by car, but there are also many other fun ways to travel. One may take a party bus and enjoy a few drinks on the way and enjoy the sights, or you could also take a flight there which, if traveling from California takes around an hour or less.

If you are traveling by car, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as once you get out of Bakersfield, there are few to no stops between towns. I personally find the drive very enjoyable though on occasion it may seem never ending at times. There are a number of fun stops on the way including a town called baker, home of the worlds tallest thermometer and State Line, a gambling town just on the state line between California and Nevada. I find that State Line is almost as fun as going to the big city!

If traveling by plane, be prepared for a very short flight. Though a fun flight, you may not have time to enjoy it fully. You most likely have time to sit, have a drink, read a couple magazine articles, or take a short nap, and the next thing you know you are staring at the strip in anticipation of landing. I do enjoy the flight, but it is very short. If you just want to participate in a day trip to the city of sin, I would suggest flying there.

Another way of travel is a party bus. I find this the most enjoyable mean of travel to Nevada. You meet some very interesting people on your way and it is usually a very warm atmosphere. The bus usually stops at a couple of tourist locations, and drinks are normally served on the bus which makes for an even more enjoyable ride. Another plus to taking the bus is that you don t have to drive there, so you can just sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch the sights.

Once you get there, I suggest immediately booking a stay at a hotel or getting a room at your favorite casino because it is always nice to have a place to relax and rest before having a long night. Normally, it is very quiet during the day, as most of the entertainment starts at 7 or 8 so you can go sightseeing during the day, visit a few of the famous places, and maybe even gamble a little. and as soon as the evening rolls around, go enjoy a nice dinner and show at one of the many amazing casinos located on and off the strip. After a show is usually when the casinos start to light up and one gets to see the exciting part of Nevada. I would say that a trip to Vegas is a very good vacation to take and at any point and time there is usually an event or some sort of show going on.