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The Past And Present Of Pattaya Thailand

The Past And Present Of Pattaya Thailand

The word “Pattaya” was originated long time ago. In 1767, while Phraya Tak was the King rulers of Khampaengpetch province aware that the former capital would be captured by the Burmese Invaders, since the troops fighting against they were getting too weak to fight against the invaders. Due to the fact that Phraya Tak decided to escape from Wat Pichai camp forwarded to southeast and fight against Burmese Invaders that the lasted 4 times. Then the troop forwarded in advance to Chonburi Province. The Khampaengpetch King took his troops taking rest along the Wat Yai Intraram and moved the troops forwarded to Chanthaburi Province. Between the ways of the troops, they rested at Ban Nong Pai which is located in the Pattaya Provincial Police Station (at present), along Sukhumvit Road, Na Klua, Banglamong, Royal chronicle, Royal writings, Book to mentioned that “Nai Klom was gathering his troops to intercept.

After the Phraya Tak rode his elephant holding with gun trigger to swap with his private surrounded over the troops of Nai Klom. This was awed by dignified manner and surrendered without a fight. Then the troops rested at the Nongnam.

The next day, fall on Tuesday, 6th day of the waning moon, second lunar noon, Nai Klom brought his one thousand troops to rested in one district for one night The next day the troops approaching Jomtien Beach and Tung Kaitiya, Sattahip and stay overnight each place. Then the next district natives which is called “Thap Phraya” then later changed to Phatthaya” containing the word T. means army and T. Flag. Since considering that the place where Phraya Tak camped was a good site, with seabrace, the names of wind were called Phatthaya were the wind from the southwest to the northeast the beginning of rainy season.

For decades, Pattaya was a small fishing village almost cut off from the outside world. But a big change occurred on 29 April 1961 when the first group of about 100 American servicemen who would join the Vietnam War arrived in Pattaya for relaxation. Soon, sleepy Pattaya became Thailand’s premier and most successful beach resort, which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure-seeking visitors.

Pattaya’s popularity grew so rapidly that the local government couldn’t cope with its administration. So in the 1976 Pattaya and nearby Naklua became one administrative district. Then in 1978 Pattaya was declared a city in its own right.

Nowadays, Pattaya integrates the delights of a 1st class beach resort in Thailand, city-like dining, shopping and night life entertainment facilities with more than 500 hotels, thousands of shopping center, restaurants and bars.

In addition, there are an array of sports and recreational activities including beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, go-kart and Thai-boxing gear. Pattaya offers a broad range of things to do. During the day, one may enjoy riding elephants or driving humble automatic mini-bikes, ATV, or even monster multicolored convertible Jeeps. Others go for shooting firearms, scuba diving and surfing, deep-sea fishing, jet-ski, scooters, water-skiing, parasailing, or aerial sports such as flying motor-propelled gliders.

On the other hand, in the night time, there are restaurants, bars, theaters, cabaret shows, night clubs, bowling halls, billiard & snooker clubs, discos, sauna & massage parlors, not to cite its absolutely incredible shopping which is available non-stop both day and night.