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The Perfect Gay Honeymoon

The Perfect Gay Honeymoon

Since the Civil Partnership Bill for gays and lesbians becomes law on in UK many gay couples have decided to take the step and legalise their relationship. And we are not talking about celebrities but about the normal gay couples.
Out Now Consulting, the marketing agency with a team of specialised marketers with high levels of expertise in understanding gay and lesbian customers revealed that “a total of 274,000 couples in the UK are expected to quickly get hitched which means that gay honeymoons are going to be booming.”

In spite of this new finding a report released at World Travel Market, the annual business to business exhibition that provides a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade industry to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business, suggests that the travel trade is not taking the sector seriously. World Travel Market Special Report advises that the travel industry is failing to take the potential of gay honeymoons – despite more than 250,000 couples expected to get married.

Ian Johnson the director of Out Now Consulting stated that in spite that “there are nearly three million lesbians and gays in the UK and more than half of them are in committed relationships, the travel industry has to do much more if it is to capitalise on the new development with new products, new targeted marketing campaigns and more training for their staff.”

The research made on 1,000 readers of Diva and Gay Times shows that the average age of respondents was between 25-44 and the average income of £28,481 with almost twenty per cent of them earning more than £40,000.
The description for the perfect gay honeymoon is romantic. The Romantic atmosphere implies all places where you can hold hands, coo at each other, and generally act like Doris Day and Rock Hudson. The romantic accommodation doesn’t have to be a sumptuous suite (but it wouldn’t hurt), but it does have to be comfortable, airy, stylish and excitingly different from your usual bedroom. Romantic dining could mean a candlelight dinner at a table for two, a dining room with a view, or a really good room service menu.

The most common locations for gay honeymoons are beach locations. Hawaii is a honeymoon paradise, and a gay paradise, as it came very close to allowing same-sex marriage licenses. Hawaii has many gay-specific accommodations of the small bed & breakfast variety and it also has many deluxe mainstream resorts, and mixing a stay of the two varieties offers you the best of all worlds. Not every couple is looking for a beach holiday, and while some cities are hard pressed to provide the kind of romance that a perfect gay honeymoon requires many offer a perfect mix of gourmet food, cool bars and plenty of sights, art and culture during the day such as Florence, Rome & Venice in Italy, Barcelona in Spain and Monte Carlo in Monaco.
Plenty of Indian Ocean destinations offer picture perfect beaches, turquoise oceans and ooze charm and romance. Whilst couples that have got married after a very long engagement may look to Morocco, South Africa, or closer to home Italy, Spain and Greece since they offer lots of diversions and activities, and the ideal setting to rekindle romance.