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The Saskatchewan Prairies

The Saskatchewan Prairies

The province of Saskatchewan is located in the country of Canada and is between the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba; they call this province a prairie province because of its flat lands.

Saskatchewan’s economy is associated with agriculture, however increasing challenges has meant that agriculture, fishing, hunting and forestry together make up 6.8% of the province’s GDP. Wheat is the most known crop here, and perhaps the one stereotypically associated with the province, but other grains like oats, canola, rye, peas, barley, lentils, canary seed and flax are also produced. Mining is also a major industry in the province, with Saskatchewan being the world leader in potash exports. In the northern part of the province, forestry is important.
Saskatchewan is the world’s most vital supplier of uranium, and supplies much of the United States of America.

Saskatchewan has many great tourist attractions to offer, they have beautiful golf course, a plenty of lakes where you can spend hours doing water actives like fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fresh water diving. You and your families can get a history lesson about the province of Saskatchewan, go see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (which are know world wide) Centennial Museum. Big Muddy Badlands, , Otter Rapids, Roche Percee, Great Sand Hills, Athabasca Sand Dunes, Cypress Hills, Nistowiak Falls are all neat and educational to visit.

Saskatchewan has so much to offer so go out and tour the province, it is well worth your time.