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Timeshare Buying Scams

Timeshare Buying Scams

Do you feel excited when thinking about buying a timeshare. Are you thinking about all the wonderful places that you can go on vacation? Going to vacation spots that can be secluded and quiet. How about sitting by the pool, looking at the mountain scenery. Thinking of seeing the wonders of nature. Take care. There can be trouble ahead. You want all the best but you may not receive everything that you are entitled to. And you could end up having to pay more money then you wanted to and not get what you deserve. Listen to this…

I was minding my own business when one day I was run over by the timeshare express. And what did that express cost me – how about $10,000. You would think for 10 grand I would have gotten exactly what I wanted – not so. When you go to a timeshare presentation all you are thinking about is the free weekend and a few gifts. Don’t make that mistake!! The timeshare industry is growing faster then ever. They are selling more units and grossing more money. So if you want to own a timeshare then do not go to a presentation with your eyes shut.

I am sure you did not wake up one morning and find yourself at a timeshare presentation. How did you get there? Most people receive a wonderfully exciting invitation in the mail. And you think…I am going to get a free weekend… No strings attached. Listen to this figure. You may not believe this, but up to 25% of people just like you, who hear a presentation, buy a timeshare. Don’t say it can’t happen to you! Because you just may end up paying over $10,000 for that weekend and some free gifts. And remember, the money is not free. Either you have to take it from savings of let the timeshare people finance the purchase. And what do you think the interest rate is going to be… How about 17%.

Timeshare salesman are better then used car salesman. Not only are they better at getting you to buy, but they have you captured for several hours. And during that time they are telling you about features of the plan that sound great. Except for the fact that most of it is not true. Do not be fooled!! You cannot exchange a studio in the off season in the middle of nowhere for a two bedroom beach front in Hawaii. Not going to happen. You can own a timeshare for significantly less then what is being forced on you at the presentation. Remember this…The salesman makes a commission on each sale that they make. Sometimes up to 40% of the purchase price. You are paying for their lifestyle.

All of the above can be summed up in two words – be careful. Critique everything that is being told to you. Don’t be shy and ask questions. Read and re-read everything that you sign. Education is the best friend that you have. Never assume you know enough – being properly educated can save you over $10,000.