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To The East Is Quebec

To The East Is Quebec

Quebec is a province that is located east of Ontario; it is Canada’s biggest province and has the second most people living there. There are about 7,568,640 people living there (as of 2005). The province is French speaking, that is there office language but a lot of people speak English there as well. The provinces capital city is Quebec City and the largest city is Montreal. This province has a deep history with Canada as a lot of settler settled in and around these areas.

If you enjoy traveling and learning about the places you are visiting then this is a place that you do not want to miss out, there is a lot of history here like the city of Montreal, some of the buildings go back 100 years, where I am from that is unheard of most building over 50 years old are replaced with something new. If you are the nature type there are the mountains that you can ski or snowboard, there are many rivers and lakes that have great fishing and boating.

Quick facts about the province
-Largest city is Montreal
-Population is 7,568,640 2nd biggest Province in Canada
-5th province to become apart of Canada on July 1, 1867


This province has a lot of things to do, I can’t list them all but you need to visit this province to see a lot of Canada’s history. The province is unbelievable so you will need more then a week to see it all.