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A Caribbean Vacation Destination In St Vincent And The Grenadines

Destination In St Vincent And The Grenadines

A unique and exotic Caribbean Vacation Destination in St Vincent and The Grenadines is Petit Byahaut.

Approachable only by sea, and hidden in the jungle. This is a 50 acre hideaway and the ultimate Caribbean Vacation Getaway.

This is an expensive but inclusive Caribbean Vacation, and be warned despite the price you won’t get five star luxury.

What Petit Byahaut is all about is escaping the stresses and pressures of modern life, because here in this part of St Vincent there are no roads, no telephones, no televisions.

Indeed unless your electrical equipment works off batteries you should leave it behind.

At this particular Caribbean destination what you will find are a multitude of exotic birds, brightly coloured flowers, and a coral reef full of tropical fish and undamaged coral. All this is possible because Petit Byahaut is at the forefront of environmental care and protection.

Petit Byahaut will never have more than 14 guests at any one time, and the accommodations are totally unique. There are seven accommodation units, although for all practical purposes only five are in use for couples, which is one reason that Petit Byahaut is so suitable as part of a Caribbean honeymoon vacation.

Occasionally the other two, which are of lesser quality might be used for larger groups or for older children Each room is effectively a dwelling, and they are all completely private and unique in their design.

You could be accommodated in a room sized tent on a tree house platform. You might be in a slightly odd wooden hut with mosquito screens. It would be more than fair to say that Petit Byahaut is obviously not for everyone.

Each dwelling is however supplied with ceiling fans, reading lights, flush loos, and freshwater showers, with the power supplied by photo electric cells using the sun. Of course when the sun doesn’t shine this has obvious consequences not the least of which can be a lack of hot water!!

Be warned the bathrooms are freestanding, and outside with your privacy assured by banks of fresh flowers and their clever positioning.

The dwellings have queen sized beds with fresh bed linen every day, and each dwelling has a veranda with chairs, a table and hammocks to sit or lie and admire the views.

One of the major necessities on any honeymoon vacation, in fact any vacation destination is the quality and quantity of the food. More than one exotic Caribbean vacation and honeymoon has been totally spoiled by poor food. Petit Byahaut is a total exception in that the food is a real focus, and as such is of incredibly good standard. There are three meals a day and picnic lunches in the inclusive price. Meals are served in their tiny alfresco restaurant and bar, where the seats are tree branches with a view of the bay. As you might expect the meals are focused on healthy eating with all dietary requirements catered for. You will especially find home baked bread, yoghurt and cookies as well as fresh local fruit, and the herb and vegetable garden plays an important role. You can snack liberally throughout the day!!

So what do you do in this Robinson Cruso hideaway on St Vincent?

Well there is fabulous snorkeling in the cove, or at Bat Cave. If you want to scuba dive you can do that on the reef off the beach. Trips farther away are also organized.

Be idle and swim a bit off the volcanic beach, sunbathe in your hammock, whilst relaxing and reading a book from the good library.

Petit Byahaut has kayaks and a sailboat if you feel energetic.

In addition there are rainforest walks, visit to Trinity Falls, Climb up Soufriere Volcano, and visit other islands in the Grenadines. In other words whatever you want, a lot or a little, or nothing at all!!

In terms of who you are likely to be sharing Petit Byahaut with, it is very popular with top executives, honeymooners, even celebrities who want to vanish for a bit.

isn’t suitable for children under the age of twelve, or for guests who need 21st Century trappings. The best time to go is December to March, and it is shut September and October.

You will need to take insect repellent, and possibly a jersey or jacket for the cooler evenings. A week would probably be the optimum time to enjoy this Caribbean Vacation getaway at Petit Byahaut on St Vincent.