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Vacations in Manhattan

Vacations in Manhattan

Some people think that Manhattan and New York City are
synonymous, but they are not. Everyone should get to see New
York City in his or her lifetime, but this network of neighborhoods
can be intimidating without guidance. Manhattan is only one of the
five boroughs that make up New York City.

There is much to see and do in Manhattan that it could take weeks
to visit everything. First, familiarize yourself with the best ways to
get around the city. Since you will probably be spending most of
your time outdoors, check the weather and plan accordingly.

Manhattan is the home of the Empire State Building, Time Square,
Central Park, Greenwich Village, China Town, the former site of the
World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park and the Statue
of Liberty, and much more.

Let us not forget some activities that you can do while in the
Manhattan, you can see a Broadway show, check out the wineries.
Taking a self-guided tour of Rockefeller Center to discover the art-
deco masterpieces that this 19-building complex contains. Check
out the sober grandeur of Grant’s Tomb National Monument near
Riverside Church, hey and while you are there go ahead and climb
the Church bell tower to see the fabulous city views.

Want more ways to watch your wallet? Museum of Modern Art-,
which hosts Target Free Fridays from 4-8pm, or Staten Island
Ferry- where you can enjoy the skyline views, plus a trip to Staten,
The Cathedral of St. John and tour the world’s largest Gothic
cathedral, Central Park – where nature never charges a fee.

Be aware of the major events planned year-round, this will give
you an opportunity to choose a time that has more activities for
you and your family. From somber reflection at Ground Zero to the
exuberant performances on Broadway to our excellent dining, NYC
provides an experience for any taste.

The Manhattan skyline consists of some of the tallest buildings
built in the United States.