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Van Campers Are Ideal For Families On The Go

Van Campers Are Ideal For Families On The Go

They might not be the largest recreation vehicles going, but van campers can pack a serious punch in a small space. Ranging in options, price and size, these fully self-contained vehicles are ideal for everyday driving and even for family vacations.

Van campers are perfect choices for everyone from retirees to families on the go. They really shine, however, for families that have a lot of short- to medium-distance trips to take for sporting events, competitions and more.

The vans provide necessary lodging and can be worth their weight in gold when hotel bills seem like they’re getting out of control. With the possibility for transportation, lodging and even dining and bathing all rolled into one, these little campers deliver lots of possibilities.

What individual van campers might contain will depend on the camper itself, the size and the options a family chooses. How much or how little can go into one really falls down to a matter of choice. Those looking at these campers will find they can come with as many or as few options as buyers might desire. Some of the options available for these campers include:

* Seating. Vans being vans, they can generally seat many more people than the average car. Most are equipped to comfortably seat five, but many can seat seven or more without problems or cramping.

* Sleeping quarters. Depending on the size and model in question, these campers can sleep roughly five people comfortably. Some will only sleep two to three, but larger versions are available. Some of these campers can accommodate full size king beds into the mix. Privacy might be at a premium, but a good night’s rest can be had.

* Dining. Most van campers, no matter how basic, tend to have dining capabilities built in. Whether these are tables that remain standing no matter what or they are foldable creations, noshing and camping go together even in a van.

* Kitchen equipment. While these will almost undoubtedly be quite small, many van campers offer kitchen accommodations, as well. Set up, typically, galley style, the basic kitchen set up includes a tiny stove/oven combination, sink and a min-fridge.

* Bathroom facilities. These are not standard in all van campers, but some sizes will allow for this. They will be small, but quite functional. Setups can include full bathroom facilities or nothing more than a commode and sink. This is a great option for families, retirees or anyone that wants to hit the open road to consider.

On the family front, these campers can be lifesavers for a number of reasons. While it’s not likely most larger families will relish the idea of a two-week vacation in a van over occasional hotel stays, they are perfect for spontaneous fun, children’s competition trips and more.

Coming in a variety of sizes with almost every option under the sun, these campers can be a fantastic option for anyone that needs a home away from home. When accommodations that really pack a punch are needed, these can be ideal.