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Visit Valley Forge for Historic Haunts, Hayrides

Visit Valley Forge for Historic Haunts, Hayrides

As night falls over Valley Forge and Montgomery County, the winds whisper stories of America’s past. You can sense the spirits of the men at Valley Forge National Historical Park, Brandywine Battlefield and Washington’s Crossing.

In daylight hours, historic sites bustle with cooking and spinning demonstrations. Re-enactments of battles and guided tours preserve and illuminate the past for visitors. But in some places, those echoes of the past turn to whispers of ghost stories, apparitions and strange happenings.

Visit Graeme Park one clear, moonlit night, and you just might see the ghosts of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson and her husband, Henry Hugh Fergusson, embracing by the glittering pond – together in death though separated in life.

At historic Waynesborough in Paoli, sounds of glass shattering and a woman screaming have unnerved visitors unable to find the source of the sounds. Smells of bread baking fill Grumblethorpe when the ovens are cold. At Cresheim Cottage Cafe, an attic door mysteriously opens and shuts, and a young girl in Victorian dress mysteriously appears.

And it’s said that if you dance with your true love in the Mirror Room of Arcadia University’s Grey Towers Castle, you’ll see a ghostly couple joining in. Another legend says you can feel the presence of a little girl on a stairway where she was accidentally strangled when her scarf caught on a banister as she ran down the stairs.