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Visiting Puerto Rico? Stay in a Parador

Visiting Puerto Rico? Stay in a Parador

Next time you are visiting the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, instead of just concentrating your trip around the metro area and it’s surrounding historical places, take a trip around Puerto Rico’s country side and discover it’s beauty and culture. You can start by staying at a Parador.

A Parador in Puerto Rico is a small country inn participating in a government program. This program certifies the quality and hospitality of the inn. The inns in this program that also have restaurants serve traditional Puerto Rican food. These Paradores are usually located close to historic areas or popular attractions.

Some of the most popular paradores include:

In the hearth of downtown Mayaguez, the town with the only zoo on the island, The main place of the west side of the island and home to one of the biggest universities in Puerto Rico.

In between a coffee and a sugar plantation on the south east coast of the island, at the start of a panoramic road with some of the most interesting views on the island.

At the shore, just minutes away from the Bioluminescence Bay, with tours and local attractions, one of the most attractive Paradores in the island.

These are some of the locations of The Paradores in Puerto Rico, explore your options for an unforgettable adventure, sightseeing beautiful places in the tropical island of Puerto Rico.