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What The Heck, Let’s Go To Georgia

What The Heck, Let’s Go To Georgia

We all day dream about long and serene vacations. Unfortunately, few of us have the time to take them. Georgia offers you all of the benefits of a long vacation, even if you only have a couple of days.

What The Heck, Let’s Go To Georgia

Sick and tired of working all summer while it seems everyone else is on vacation? Well, how about joining the many travelers heading to Georgia? Georgia may not be the first place you think of when you want to head out of town, but after exploring the range of activities, sights and relaxing environments available here, you will be happy you went.

Georgia is home to many distinctly different areas for vacations. If you are more of an adventurous, outdoorsy type, you will love the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia. These mountains are beautiful, with peaks rising to 4000 feet and lakes and rivers to fish and boat in. The Blue Ridge Mountains are also home to the Cherokee tribe, and home to the United States first Gold Rush in 1828. Whether you are looking for a historical trip or a hiking adventure, the Blue Ridge Mountains are the place to be. Rental cabins and cottages, such as the Tica Cabins in the town of Blue Ridge, make a great place to stay.

Mountains are not for everyone, and Georgia has much more to offer in the way of climate and locations. The coast, for example, makes for some great beach trips in Georgia. These beaches are unspoiled, uncrowded and wildlife abounds. If you enjoy seeing nature at its finest, why not explore the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge or the trails of Blackbeard Island? All the locations on Georgia’s beautiful coast are great options for a vacation.

If you would rather spend your time listening to great music and exploring Southern culture, Athens, Georgia is the place to be. Many different rock bands got their start here, as well as African-American musicians. The B-52 s and REM both originated in Athens clubs, and the vaudeville establishment known as the Morton Theatre hosted musicians like Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. Athens is also home to AthFest, a rock music festival held every June that features over 120 bands and acts.

Whether you are a city or nature lover, taking off to Georgia can fill the needs of any traveler. If you enjoy the warm climate and good-natured people of the South, Georgia will be sure to be your vacation paradise.