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Wheeled Luggage, Why Did It Take So Long?

Wheeled Luggage, Why Did It Take So Long?

Remember when no one had wheeled luggage? Those days are long gone, yet it amazes me it took so long for someone to cater to the travel industry with something as simple as wheels. Wheels have been around for thousands of years and yet we just recently in the scope of things realized how beneficial it would be to have wheels on other things besides cars and bikes.

The people who needed wheeled luggage the most were pilots and stewardesses who had to carry their bags all over the airport everyday. Then the Rollaboard was created by Travelpro founder Robert Plath. He made Travelpro luggage in his garage, while working as a pilot at Northwest Airlines. When other pilots and consumers asked for the luggage , Travelpro Luggage was born. The Rollaboard was quickly copied by competitors and the 22-inch Travelpro Luggage Rollaboard is now the industry standard.

You and I need wheeled luggage now to make those connecting flights at the airport. You can find luggage carriers that are topped off with suitcase on top of suitcase at most major airports. People running to catch a plane trailing behind them is their luggage rolling along at 50 miles per hour. It is hard to remember back before this luxury was around because it is so common in our world today.

If you are considering buying wheeled luggage you need to consider a couple of things like the quality of the wheels, if it has a telescoping handle and the material it’s made from. If you travel very frequently you also need to look at the durability of the wheeled luggage, so it will survive the rough handling it will go through.

Depending on your needs you could use a wheeled garment bag, wheeled carry-on luggage or a wheeled duffel bag. The convenience and time saving qualities of wheeled luggage makes them a great asset for any traveler. Since most manufacturers now have wheeled luggage everyone can afford them.