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A Coastal Town In Spain


A Coastal Town In Spain

Murcia is a great place to visit in Spain. It is a city that was founded by Islam in 831 and has much to offer. It has very hot summers and has very pleasant weather throughout the year. It has many things to enjoy and many things to do.

There are many places to stay when traveling to Murcia. There are a wide variety of hotels that will provide a wide variety of accommodations available. Look into various resources to find a place that will best serve your needs. It is almost best to look places up on the internet or to call the places yourself to see if they offer any discounts.

Another option one may consider is the use of a rental property if you are looking for an extended stay. Many properties and apartments are available for short term rental and will provide you with many of the conveniences of home such as cooking.

What To Do In Murcia

There are of course the beaches as well as the lagoon. These are extremely popular especially in the summer months. There is a wide expanse of beachfront to be taken advantage of.

There are many old churches and architecture to see about 500 years worth of architecture and design to take in. Also be aware of the nearby city of Torrevieja. This city as well has many things to take in and enjoy.

The Sanctuary of Fuensanta was built in the 18th century. It has much to offer and plays a huge role in the summer festivities as the statue of the patron saint of the city is paraded around town as its portion of the festivities.

The Museo de Tradiciones y Artes Populares is a wonderful museum in the city. This is an agricultural museum. It contains a wide variety of agricultural items and things to observe that are over 300 years old.

There are a wide variety of festivals that occur in this town every year. The most prominent of which would be the Easter festival. It is the most prominent of all of the festivals throughout the year.

In this coastal town of Spain there are many different styles of food to sample and enjoy as well as the wide variety of items to enjoy. Look into the different seafood types and things to enjoy as well as the other varieties of the food.