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26 Lanzarote Attractions – Guinate Tropical Park

Guinate Tropical Park

Guinate Tropical Park

The Parque Tropical is open every day of the year including bank holidays from 10:00 to 17:00 hours. Admission is 14 Euros per adult and 5 Euros per child and I’d recommend allowing a half day to go around the Park, although some visitors have been know to spend the whole day there.

Parque Tropical is located in the north of the the island at the foot of Mount Corona, an extinct volcano which is the highest point of the island, close to the Famara Cliffs and 400 meters above sea level, with spectacular views to the islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaña Clara.

We arrived via the most scenic route which took us through Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote, up through Los Valles to some stunning views of the island and down into the beautiful province of Haria (the valley of a thousand palms). From Haria we took the road past the Mirador del Rio (Article 22 of mine covers a separate day trip there). You will see the signs for Guinate and the Park from this point in the journey.

The park covers 11 acres of land (45,000 square feet) and includes gardens, waterfalls and lakes. The park has many species of bird (around 300 species in total), including Ostriches, Flamingos, Cranes, Hornbills, Toucans, Cockatoos, Macaws, Pheasants, Ibis, Ducks, Pigeons & Doves. There are also many species of the smaller birds like Finches, Cardinals and Love Birds. There is also a large walk-through aviary, some 3/4 of an acre (about 3200 sq. meters) with six species of Weaver Birds that breed naturally in the area. It is quite fascinating to watch them building their hanging nests within the aviary.

In the same area you’ll find Parrots and many other small birds that fly free in a this almost natural habitat. Within this aviary there is a lake of some 70metres by 7metres full of Koi Carp, some measuring a length of nearly a meter. You will also see Mandarin and Carolina Ducks swimming around between the fountains. A fascinating area of the park which must not be missed.

The Parque is known to have a successful breeding program of macaws, cockatoos, african greys and other species of parrots. Also with various doves, finches, pheasants, ornamental ducks, ostriches, rheas, trumpeter hornbills and many other small birds.

In the gardens you’ll find many different varieties of plants, shrubs and trees in the park, many of which have been labelled with interesting information about their particular uses and countries of origin. There is a cactus walk on the hillside with a large variety of cacti and where a waterfall drops down into the flamingo, duck and swan pool below.

Every day, there are six bird, at no extra charge. These take place at 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, and 16.30 where macaws and cockatoos can be seen riding their bicycles on the high wire, driving cars and scooters, adding and taking away numbers and many other tricks. The theatre where the show is performed seats 200 people and hot and cold snacks can be served to you as you watch the show or you can relax on the bar terrace which overlooks a large area of the park. There is a children’s play area here where the children can let off a bit of steam whilst the parents enjoy a quiet drink.

There is a well stocked shop in the Park, many items of which are exclusive to the Park and will not be found in any other shop on the island. There are two toilet areas in the park. The first is situated near the entrance and exit and has baby change facilities in the ladies. The other is near the bar and show theatre. There are ramps for wheelchairs, around the park and into the theatre. No dogs are allowed in the park.