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A paradise awaits in Mexico

A paradise awaits in Mexico

What top getaways are popular in US? Over the last few years, generic once popular tourist spots have reduced in popularity and niche themed vacations like fly fishing vacations or US sportfishing expeditions have grown in vogue.

Whether it is fishing in Alaska, Costa Rica or simply Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas, the thrill of catching a big fish thrills the vacation traveler so much so that destinations like Panama and Baja California fishing has become sought after.

Unlike before, nowadays sportfishing enthusiasts never had it so good. Every kind of luxuries is available for the tourists in relatively untouched areas like the Sea of Cortez.
The fishing equipment and tackles etc. are usually easily available and the booming hotel industry ensures excellent accommodation. Add to this the thrill of deep sea fishing, the boat rides to the deep sea and we have a compelling travel destination.

Who are the people who would want to go to Mexico for Sportfishing?

Sportfishing is very popular in South America. Brazil sea bass is one of the popular fish in Brazil, and consequently there is a premium that fisherman can get. In Mexico also, fishing has been a part of many family traditions.

Things to look for to ensure a great vacation

Equipment : This is key to success as far as sportfishing is concerned. We hope to follow the school recommended methodology of renting out fishing equipment once we reach our destinations.

Environment : Slightly off the beaten track.
If you need to go seriously fish, then you need to choose relatively smaller destinations.

Infrastructure : When you spend upwards of 12 hours on the boat, the least you want is a comfortable hotel room with all the perquisites.

Sportfishing Playa de Mexico, Cabo San Lucas and Baja California all fit into this category as top tourist destinations. This is a great time to visit Mexico for all our sportfishing needs.