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Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

A vacation in New England is best spent in the Autumn. People from around the world visit New England to marvel over the beauty of the fall foliage. From the end of August right up until October the leaves on the trees display a spectacular array of colors. It is no wonder that Fall is one of the busiest tourist seasons in New England. Find out what all the “peepers” are going to see.

New England is home to a multitude of different landscapes. You can find mountains and coastline, forests and vineyards all contained in this quaint and tiny area of the country. New England experiences all four of the seasons completely. In the summer the beaches are a warm sandy paradise. In the winter the mountains offer skiing at its finest. And of course, the fall offers beautiful nature walks in the orange and gold beauty of the forests. There are six states in New England and each one of them offers a unique perspective on the New England area.

Rhode Island has the unique distinction of being the smallest state in the United States. It is only forty eight miles long and thirty seven miles wide. Even though it is tiny in size it has over four hundred miles of beautiful New England coast. From the mansions of Newport to the stunning landscape, Rhode Island is a picturesque New England state.

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and has gone through some changes in the 1990’s. Brown University is located in Providence and is considered one of the top universities in New England. The mile of history, located on Benefit street is filled with gorgeous 18th century houses. Marvel at the architecture as you walk down the historic street. There are shopping malls in the downtown area that will fill your days. You will also find many small quaint New England shops for your shopping pleasure.

Federal Hill is a wonderful place to experience world class dining. Rhode Island offers the culture and mansions in Newport alongside the history of Providence. One gets to experience both when Rhode Island is your vacation destination.

You won’t be disappointed with an Autumn New England vacation. Find out what all the fuss is about and be amazed by the beauty of the changing fall colors. You will need nothing more than a walk in the woods to know why everyone makes the trip.