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Backpacking in Africa: Staying in Hostels

Backpacking in Africa: Staying in Hostels

Backpacking, especially in Africa and other exotic places has been more and moore popular the recent years. Many of us remember the movie “The Beach” a few years ago and it’s a fact that backpacking increased after this movie launched. But haven’t backpacking been a common way of travelling for students as long as there have been students and travelling? I will answer a clear ‘yes’ to that question. Hitchhiking and backpacking have been common by students and other low budget travellers for many years now.

Africa is a wonderful continent to go exploring and backpacking through some of the wonderful jungles and mountain ranges. As many a backpacker can tell you one of the best ways to lodge while on an adventure such as this is to take advantage of the many hostels located around the continent that welcome travellers of all ages to spend a night or two with them and immerse themselves in local culture.

Most people have always wanted to take a backpacking adventure in Africa because of the wide variety of people, culture, animals and landscapes available on the continent. In fact, many tour companies specialize in African getaway packages that lead you on a guided tour of some of the most breathtaking aspects of this continent that has a fascinating history and background. When considering a trip to this region it is highly recommended you utilize their services because of certain areas on the continent that can be dangerous to foreigners without local guides.

However, for the most part you will find the people of the African continent to be welcoming and eager to share their culture with you. By taking advantage of hostelling arrangements you will be able to meet fellow backpackers and local from the region that will share with you some of the unique features of the region and also help you immerse yourself in the specialized culture of the region. These low-cost solutions to lodging are often the only choice in many parts of the continent because of the unavailability of hotels and other arrangements.