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Business Visa for Sri Lanka Visit

Business Visa for Sri Lanka | Travels Lifestyle

Do you want to work in Sri Lanka? You can only apply for a Business Visa for Sri Lanka on this website if it concerns a business trip. Entering employment with an organization based in Sri Lanka, living or studying there is only possible with a specific visa that you must apply for at the embassy.

Request a visa

You can submit your application for this visa online 24 hours a day via this website. You can do this for yourself, but also your entire travel group at once, in one go. That saves time. You can also apply to someone else, but you will need the passport details of this traveler. In this form, you indicate whether it concerns a business trip, a holiday, or a layover in Sri Lanka. A visa for Sri Lanka costs $ 54 per person. A surcharge of $ 12 applies to the business visa. Payment can be made in multiple ways.

Sri Lanka visa urgently

You cannot enter Sri Lanka without a visa. It is therefore advisable to start your application on time so that the visa is certainly granted on time. If you expect to arrive within 72 hours, please submit an urgent request; this is approved after an average of 23 minutes. You must fill in the normal application form and then tick “Urgent” in this form. The application will then be processed immediately. No guarantees are given about the delivery time of visas for Sri Lanka, even in urgent cases.

Traveling to Sri Lanka

After you have received confirmation by e-mail that your visa application has been approved, you can travel to Sri Lanka. You will receive a so-called Disembarkation Card on the plane. This is a small paper form on which you enter a number of details, including your travel details and destination.

Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, you will go through passport control, where you will present your passport along with the completed Disembarkation Card. Usually, the visa is no longer asked, because the immigration service can already see on the basis of the passport number that the visa is in order. To be on the safe side, make sure that you take the visa (ETA) with you to show it in exceptional cases.

Get started now with your visa application

Start an application for the Sri Lanka visa today by filling in the application form. Do you have any questions about the procedure or about this document itself? Then read the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not find an answer to your question here, you can submit your question to our peaking customer service. We wish you a successful trip and stay in Sri Lanka.