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Malaysia My Second Home Application – (MM2H)

Malaysia My Second Home

Every year Malaysia welcomes more than a thousand Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) participants. They come from all over the world and everyone has their own reason to apply for the program. They may or not stay here but with this visa, they have an option of staying in Malaysia for as long as they like and at a time that is convenient and suitable for them. It can be immediately or 20 years later.

Doing an application on your own will take a lot of time and effort. If the application is not in order, a new set of documents are required and the process has to restart again. If you consider time as money, then it is probably more effective if you get someone to do the application for you. Submission of the MM2H application can only be done by the applicant and licensed sponsor.

Handling Application Processes:

Functions of a Sponsor in Malaysia:

  • Providing updated info about the terms and conditions to the foreign citizens who are willing to join Malaysia My Second Home Program.
  • Preparing application along with the mandatory documents for submission to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia or Immigration. Ensuring proper filling-up of the application together with correctly attested, attached, and certified documents
  • Signing a personal bond with the Malaysian government so as to guarantee the stay of the participants in Malaysia. If clients of license-holding agents are caught breaching the regulations of their stay, the agents are accountable to arrange for the immediate expulsion back to their home country. This includes purchasing flight tickets, making arrangements for food, lodging, etc.
  • Informing clients about the application status till they get the conditional approval letter issued by the Immigration Department. Advising clients to visit Malaysia within six months from the approval date of the Conditional Approval letter to complete all the necessary terms and conditions.

There are hundreds of licensed sponsors in Malaysia but the active ones are probably less than fifty. Out of the fifty, maybe ten to two sponsors account for the main bulk of the application. Therefore, selecting the right sponsor is important.

It is better that you call up MM2H Center and ask them for the statistics. Also, ask them what changes you have in getting the visa when you do it yourself or rely on a sponsor who has only a 60 to 70% success rate. Also, enquire from the Tourism officers the reputation and success rate of the top 5 sponsors of MM2H. If you choose to stay at Penang, choose the best company among these top 5 in terms of prices, getting assistance in relocation; visa application, and advice on how to have a pleasant stay.

The golden rule is – when applications are done properly, the approval will be easy and fast. There will be fewer questions asked as compared to doing it on your own or going through unknown sponsors…and when it comes to getting assistance with the visa application process, nothing serves better than a licensee with a 99.9% approval rate.

Other Relocation Assistance:

A trusted immigration consultant in Penang provides visa endorsement assistance like selling or buying four-wheeler without tax; importing household belongings; taking care of the paperwork for bringing in maids, pets, and other dependents of the applicant; visa cancellation and renewal at the proper time and others. They also provide additional assistance not related to visas. Some of them to mention are – referring to the name of trusted property agents in Penang; dealing with contractors and architects for remodeling or renovation of your property even when you are not present; taking care of your home and car when you are away. These services are aimed at making your settlement plan stress-free and simple.