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How To Choose A Holiday Villa Abroad

How To Choose A Holiday Villa Abroad

Renting a holiday villa abroad can be a risk, particularly if you’re booking your villas online. We’ve all heard the horror stories about resort hotels that have turned out to be part-built or badly run, and we all want to avoid similar bad experiences.

Most of us now turn to the internet to look for the things that make up our holiday – flights, accommodation, car hire – and then book online, crossing out fingers that everything turns out well. What can you do to avoid a disaster when you arrive at your destination?

1. Recommendations

Booking a holiday villa in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus or anywhere else in Europe is always easier if you’ve had a property or rental company recommended to you. Talk to friends who have rented villas before and find out what sort of experiences they have had. Use their experiences to define what you do and don’t want in a holiday villa – this will help you when you are browsing through the hundreds of villas that are advertised on the internet.

2. Check out the rental company

There are a lot of villa rental companies on the internet – how do you know which are reputable and which are not? The best thing to do is to take a good look at their site, and then give them a call. No matter how wonderful the web site design is, if the staff aren’t helpful or no-one answers the phone, then it’s best to stay away. Good villa rental agencies will give you all the help and additional information you need, together with a contact number you can ring if you have any difficulties during your stay. You should also get something through the post to confirm your booking, so that you can take paperwork with you to show the agent or travel representative when you get there.

A villa holiday in Europe is a chance to relax and make the most of the location and the weather. By making a few simple checks before you commit to booking a villa, you can ensure that your holiday is truly stress-free.