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How To Choose And Care For Designer Luggage

How To Choose And Care For Designer Luggage

Getting ready to travel can be so stressful that it is hard to get everything together. It is even worse when you realize that, on top of everything else, your luggage is in no shape to make it through another trip. Since you have to spend time shopping for luggage, you may want to look for some well made designer luggage so that you don’t have to worry about whether your new pieces will hold up through the wear and tear of travel.

Designer luggage is available in a wide range of colors and materials. While canvas or leather luggage can really last, those attractive tapestry print pieces may not make it through even one trip without getting snagged or torn. Nylon wears quite well, but is a bit lightweight for people who travel frequently.

Of course, while designer luggage is usually sturdier and more stylish, no one should shop for luggage strictly because it has a certain label. Take a close look at any luggage you are considering to be sure that it is the right size and style for you. Don’t let yourself be pressured into buying a complete set of expensive matching luggage if you don’t have a use for all of the different pieces. If you love shoes, you may want to shop for a second suitcase so that you have plenty of room for footwear. On the other hand, if you like dressy clothes, you may want to look for a garment bag instead of a big suitcase.

If you have a bad back, don’t forget to look for an essential piece of designer luggage, the wheeled suitcase. In fact, these suitcases are so much easier to haul around that you may want to choose wheeled luggage even if you don’t have any medical problems.

Designer luggage that can be locked is especially important if you will be staying in hotels or other places where your belongings are not necessarily secure. Although these locks may not be sturdy enough to prevent a determined thief, they will discourage people who are just seizing the opportunity to snoop or to pick up a few trinkets. Remember though that any locks have to be “TSA” approved or your locks could be broken by security at the airport.

Once you decide which of the many designer luggage styles is right for you, there are a few things you can do to keep those pieces looking great. Although most people toss their luggage in the attic when they aren’t traveling, the temperature extremes in an attic are not kind to luggage. You may want to try storing your luggage under the bed or in the back of your closet instead. Also, try not to stack things on top of your luggage, since the corners can be broken down by excessive weight.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your luggage in shape by cleaning it after you take a trip. Begin by cleaning each piece out completely, since things like a broken bottle of perfume can really mess up a nice suitcase. Then, wipe down the outside of each piece with a slightly soapy cloth if it is made with nylon or canvas. Leather luggage should be cleaned with saddle soap.