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How to Clean Your Hookah

How to Clean Your Hookah

Now that you have a new hookah, and you’re enjoying the fine smoking sensations of this unique water pipe, it’s time to consider something you may not have thought about before: maintenance.

That’s right; hookahs need to be cleaned periodically. The water in the vase acts as a filter for the smoke, and should be changed after every use. Also, smoke and particulate matter can cling to the inside of the hoses or stem. If your hookah gets too dirty it will not draw properly, or the smoke can start to taste stale. A regular cleaning regimen will prevent this. Make sure that you have a hookah cleaning brush among your hookah accessories.

A Quick Guide to Hookah Cleaning

It’s actually not difficult to clean a hookah. Make sure you use very hot water to clean the vase and stem, and that you never use water on the hoses unless they are made of washable plastic. Most importantly, however, remember that you can never use soap to clean a hookah; the residue will alter the flavor of the smoke.

To clean the vase, simply empty it, fill it with hot water, and scrub it with a hookah cleaning brush. The stem is even easier to clean: just run very hot tap water through it, until the water runs clear. As for the hoses, carefully detach them from the hookah, and then blow strongly through them to clear away any particles and dirt. It’s best to do this outside.

Once your hookah’s parts are cleaned, let them dry thoroughly. The best way to get them fully dry is to let them sit overnight on a towel. They’ll be ready again by morning. Another point to remember: always let the hookah dry thoroughly before you smoke it again; the only water in the pipe while smoking should be at the bottom of the vase.

As you see, it’s really not too difficult to clean a hookah. The cleaning regimen described here should be done about every 10 to 14 days, depending on how often you smoke your hookah. Most people will change the water in the vase before every smoking session, since hookah smoke tastes best when filtered through clean water.