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Kauai, Finding Your Vacation Dreams

Kauai, Finding Your Vacation Dreams

The island of Kauai is becoming a vacation destination for people who want the serenity of a restful break amid the natural beauty of Hawaii. Kauai is not as popular a vacation destination as Oahu and Maui and because of this still has most of its old world charm which is the beauty of the place. There are hotels available in the area but there are also Kauai vacation rentals which may be an even more comfortable and luxurious alternative to hotel living. Many people have homes in the area they use for second homes and make available their home for vacation rentals when they are not in residence there. This is a great alternative to hotels and can be a lot more comfortable especially if traveling with a family or larger group. Condominium rentals are also a great alternative for Kauai vacation rentals. There are more condos available nowadays on the island and you can generally get a great deal on these.

Kauai vacation rentals are a great way to experience the beauty that is Kauai. There are many activities and sites to see on the island and it is a perfect getaway for those who enjoy a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. With the less hustle and bustle in Kauai than on the more popular tourist destinations of Oahu and Maui, this is ideal for families, individuals and couples who are looking for a Hawaii vacation but without the large crowds and more commercial ambiance of the other islands.

For Kauai vacation rentals, check into homes. There are many homes available to rent daily and weekly. If you are looking for a summer vacation, you can also get a discount price for monthly rentals. This is a great way to save money, allow you the luxury of a home and be able to cook and save some money on going out to eat every meal. Prices for Kauai vacation rentals depend on the size of the home and how luxurious it is. There are small cottages available all the way up to beautiful, luxury style homes.

On the lower end of the spectrum, a home that sleeps four, a smaller one bedroom, one bath cottage can run from one hundred fifty dollars to two hundred dollars per night and from seven hundred fifty dollars to eight hundred fifty dollars per week. For luxury Kauai vacation rentals, the prices can increase dramatically. However, you will get breathtaking views, luxury homes and beach side housing. If traveling with a larger group, the cost of these luxury homes can be split among the parties and you will have a lovely home at a reasonable price. Luxury Kauai vacation rentals start at approximately three hundred dollars per night and can increase up to almost one thousand dollars per night. Weekly rates are usually slightly discounted from the daily rates and can range from one thousand five hundred dollars to over eight thousand dollars per week. Many Kauai vacation rentals for luxury homes require a deposit to insure against damage. This deposit will be refunded upon check out and inspection of the home.

Kauai vacation rentals also include condos and even some apartments. These are a bit more affordable than the luxury home Kauai vacation rentals but you can still get luxury and beach front property at a slightly lower price. Condo and apartment rental prices start from approximately one hundred twenty dollars to four hundred dollars per night. Again, there are discounted rates for weekly rentals and you can typically save one hundred dollars or more on a weekly rate than if you rent daily. Many of the condos are close to or overlook the beach so you can have a beautiful view to wake up to and come to every day. These convenient Kauai vacation rentals are among the top choices for alternatives to hotel stays. They afford a bit more privacy, luxury and the feel of a home that is desirable on a relaxing vacation.

Kauai vacation rentals are often equipped with Internet services or high speed wireless capabilities so you can stay in touch with work or home via the Internet. You will never be too out of touch even though the relaxing ambiance may seem like you are. Check Kauai vacation rentals for availability well in advance of your planned trip. Many of the more popular locations will be booked early and some homes have standing reservations for repeat vacationers. If you have the home of your dreams you have been saving for, book it as early as possible for the best vacation possible.