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Kid Friendly in Montana

Kid Friendly in Montana

To help kids understand what Montana offers, Travel Montana’s Publications Program has put together a brochure called “Kid Friendly Montana.” This colorful, cartoon- bordered piece provides basic facts about Montana—its geography, economy, state symbols, etc.—along with color photos and text on Montana’s numerous family-oriented attractions.

So what makes Montana such a special place for young people to visit? The possibilities are endless. Here’s a short list of popular kid-tested diversions:

1. Mountain wildlife at Glacier National Park,

2. Active dinosaur dig sites open to the public,

3. Horses to ride across Montana’s landscape,

4. Indian powwows where tribal members celebrate the old ways,

5. Crystal clear rivers, lakes, and streams offering water adventures. The Whitehall area offers fabulous fishing so many rivers and lakes, so little time.

6. Winter snows creating mountain playgrounds with x-country skiing and sleigh riding outside our door

7. Since The Fish Creek House is but 20 miles from Butte, we suggest the World Mining Museu Located at Montana Tech University in Butte, MT, this museum is incredible and is literally known worldwide in the mining industry. When we visited we found people from all over the country and the guest book, which had entries from 131 countries they said. Wow. The entire city of Butte, MT is literally a museum in itself, we recommend you go and check it out and learn a little about how we became the greatest country in the world through our early efforts in heavy industry.

A trip to Montana wouldnt be complete without visiting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Enroute to Yellowstone,from Glacier, stop off and visit the Fish Creek House B&B, both kid and pet friendly

Sound like the same things that attract adults to Montana?

Montana’s annual calendar is full of festivals, events, and celebrations. For additional information regarding camping and outdoor recreation, lodging, attractions, and special events contact Travel Montana.