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Nova scotia travel guide

Nova scotia travel guide

The international tourists might not know it but Nova Scotia is the fast up coming destination for the avid travelers. Located in the main land of Canada, it offers never-ending expanses of greenery and lots of water inlets to make it the ultimate fishing ground. Since 1604 when John Cabot found it out it has been a teeming ground for fresh water fishing. This fits well the Canadian social culture. During the 17th century the Scottish and the French businessmen traded here in fur. The Scottish influence is evident from the name it self which means ‘New Scotland’.

The tradition of the place is highly influenced by the sea and the place is studded with museums and galleries singing the lore of the seafaring individuals form the land. The feeling one gets there is nostalgic and it takes one back into the annals of ancient mariner lifestyles. The ton of beaches in the place and the scenic beauty is good enough to attract people from all around the world. The place has taken due advantage of its proximity to the sea. The surfers have actually set up, in the place, the host for the major surfing events of the world. The life saving competitions is also held along its coast lines and that has made the place a lot more popular then other coastal destinations.

As a mark of respect to the discoverer of the place, the longest travel around Nova Scotia is called the ‘Cabot trail’. The approximately 180 mile long tour of the city covers many parts and is a trip worth taking. The natural structures and the golf courses en route the trip are a pleasure watching. An amazing fact about the place is that it is because of this place that the telephone technology has developed. The place is the home land of Graham Bell. He invented the telephone.

The capital city of Halifax is the witness of the people dead in the Titanic Disaster in 1912. The bodies were brought to Halifax and the place has numerous cemeteries resting the victims of the disaster. Apart from having the historical account of almost half-a-century the city is a growing hub of modernization and an upcoming destination for development. With the advancement of Canada the place is getting much required attention.

One of the most fascinating things to see in Nova Scotia is the lighthouses around the place. Standing as the custodians of rich marine history, they stand tall to help the lone ships that loose their path in the confusing seas. The light houses provide an extraordinary sight and most tourists are attracted by them. To keep them in good shape an organisation to maintain them has also been formed. A customized tour is also designed to take the tourists to all the major lighthouses. The tour is almost along the coast line and offers much thrill to the visitors.

The cultural influence of the French and the Scottish is evident around the place. A delicate balance between the two existed for a long time and keeping in view the rich heritage and the growth prospects it is no more there. Thus Nova Scotia is truly an out of the world experience to the tourists.