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Paraguay Vacations

Paraguay Vacations

Paraguay, which is located in South America, makes a great vacation destination. The climate is inviting and the people are so welcoming. It’s become a popular getaway for both couples and families.

There are many places to stay while you visit Paraguay. Many hotels offer both comfortable accommodations and terrific locations.

One hotel that fits this bill is the Lipa Aparthotel. The Lipa Aparthotel is nestled in Asuncion. It offers its guests many of the same amenities found at home including internet access, televisions and DVD players. Instead of staying in a typical, impersonal hotel room, at the Lipa Aparthotel you’ll be greeted with an apartment like setting. It’s one of the most ideal locations in Paraguay and it’s perfect whether you are traveling on a business trip or enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Paraguay has a lot to offer and those who have been to visit often can’t wait to go back. One favorite activity that both natives of Paraguay and tourists enjoy is exploring the national parks. Paraguay is home to eleven national parks.

If you are staying in Asuncion you can take a trip down the river and enjoy the scenery in the marshlands of Paraguay. This is a wonderful way to see the country because it affords you a special view that you can’t get from touring the country by land.

Sports are popular in Paraguay and the tourist doesn’t need to feel as though they can’t participate. Tennis is a favorite and many hotels in Paraguay offer tennis facilities for their guests. The weather is almost always perfect for spending a few hours on the court not only working out your body but also soaking in the environment and the scenery.

When you travel to Paraguay it’s important to note that about 75% of the population speaks Spanish. For someone with a rudimentary high school Spanish background they can probably get by. However, the staff at the hotels in Paraguay speak English and if you need some assistance regarding directions or perhaps a recommendation for a restaurant, they are always willing to help. They want you to have a wonderful time during your stay and will work hard to make that a reality.

Another way that the hotels in Paraguay work towards pleasing their clientele is by offering very affordable accommodations. When you travel to Paraguay you may be surprised at the modest price of the stays, especially considering the lush and beautiful surroundings. It’s one of the reasons that people are drawn back to Paraguay for their vacations year after year. They feel as though they’ve discovered a small piece of paradise.

When planning your next holiday consider all that Paraguay has to offer. The surroundings are beautiful, the climate is ideal and the hotels are not only reasonably priced but offer the tourist an opportunity to relax and explore all that Paraguay has to offer.

If you like staying in a place where the people are warm and the atmosphere is casual, than Paraguay is where you should be headed.