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Why The British Love To Holiday In Spain

Why The British Love To Holiday In Spain

Have you ever been to Spain for a holiday? Are you thinking of travelling to Spain for a holiday in the near future? Do you always return to Spain each year for your annual holiday? Many British people continue to travel to Spain each year despite there being many more destinations available around the world at affordable prices. In this article, I write about why the British love and continue to travel to Spain for their holidays.

A recent report highlighted the fact that many British people do not just return to Spain once, but in fact return to Spain most years for their holiday. One lady who was around fifty years of age was asked by the reporter how many times she had chosen Spain for her holiday destination, twelve she answered. A man who was probably in his forties was asked the same question, he replied, eight times.

With the birth of the budget airline you would have thought that people may choose other destinations to visit, some of course do, but what is the reason behind all of these other people travelling back to Spain, year in, year out?

Many of these people will only be able to afford one holiday abroad per year and if they have really enjoyed travelling to Spain in the past and all what it has to offer, they may not be willing to take a risk with a new resort or country.

A lot of these people see Spain as quite similar to the UK, apart from the fact that it is a lot warmer. This sun is of course is why most of them are taking their holiday abroad, how many times have we taken a holiday in Britain, in August for example, and the weather has been poor?

The food in these Spanish resorts is very much catered for us Brits and there are many British themed bars where people are able to drink British beer and watch the English Premiership in football.

This is no doubt true of many other resorts around the world but people may be of the mindset of why fix it, if it is not broken.

To travel to Spain is very cheap and the flights are also quite short, this suits a family taking their children as well as members of an older generation.

With the internet now available in most households, people are able to plan and book their holidays for even cheaper than before, this is by booking the flights and hotels well in advance.

I personally like to travel to different destinations when I go abroad but can fully understand why other people would choose to return to the same place, for example Spain.